I would like to take the opportunity to explain the title of this magazine: "IAMGOOD".
I feel it might need a little explanation in order for it to be interpreted the right way…

In the englisch language, "i am good" is mostly used when one wants to say that they are fine. They don't really need anything else just yet.
"Do you need another drink?" "No thanks, i'm good".
Nothing is really needed. "I am good…"
This is really where this name came from…

I feel i have come to a place in my life where i am good. I feel good. I don't really NEED anything. I am not saying that this is something i feel all the time, all day, but overall i am feeling like everything is falling into it's place and that i just have to keep travelling the road i am on. This road will bring me everything i need to be happy. I am following my heart, i love a good deal of people and i am trying to feel loved at the same time. I try to do good and i like to be treated good.
Good plays a more than significant role in my life and i am feeling, what else…? Good about it…

In another way the word GOOD comes from my biggest influence in this whole IAMGOOD story, Kanye West. Without his big influence and inspiration this whole chapter in my life would have never started. He named his record company "G.O.O.D. music", which means "Getting Out Our Dreams music", and in a way i am also getting out my dreams so it fitted perfectly here too. He gave me the courage to at least try and stand for something i believe in. Regardless of what anybody else thinks about it.

To end this mission statement i can only leave you by saying that i do not think that all these things i will write about or discuss are of great importance or even some relevance.
They are just things that in my state of being "good", bring me joy, emotion and just something to talk about and relax my mind…
So actually… They are VERY important!!!
I think you know what i mean here…

I hope you will enjoy exploring with me…
A friend of mine taught me a very valuable lesson to follow my heart in order to find my art.
Stop. Look. And listen…
Will i ever be sure what my art is, i don't really know. Maybe i'll find it, maybe i won't. But what you learn or who you become while you are waiting for something is more important than what you were waiting for anyway.
Big words, i know, but it has been an exciting journey so far and it has left its marks…
If the path you are on does not feel like your own, get off it.
Find your own and on this path you will find yourself. Stay true, respect others, love and try to be loved.
I did… And i found out i was… GOOD.

Our Mission


I am a time-saver. I want to make sure that you find out in a fun, open-minded and fast (because that's what it's all about) way what you need to check out in music, what's hot in fashion these days, what fragrances excite me or just what is one of the coolest new (or old) stuff what-so-fuckin'-ever. Tips and tricks, novelties or just fun stuff to know about or that interest ME. Things that make my life more fun, interesting, hard or even complex.

This is what i would very like to share with you. Let's find out which things are worth exploring and therefore deserve all of our attention…

Quality, quality, quality: Never waver from it, even when you don't see how you can afford to keep it up. When you compromise, you become a commodity and then you die…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ruth and the people at Smallteaser for giving me this platform to explore my dreams.
I would also like to thank my family and friends for listening, reading and helping and for giving me confidence to believe in what i do.

Who We Are


Question marks…
What to do? Where to begin? What to say? How to start?
So many question marks…

It's these questions that make my life on this godforsaken earth so fuckin' unpredictable and for that reason so beautiful and incredibly hard at the same time. It's the choices and our answers to these questions that separate us and make everyone so unique.
For me it's all about not ignoring these questions. Or at least not all of them. Ignoring questions is ignoring feelings. Ignoring heart…
And that's where it all explodes. For you can only ignore your heart or a feeling for so long before it starts to come out on it's own. And when those feelings start flying around like some unguided projectile, the consequences can sometimes be… Just consequences. Nothing more…

No more.

Our Core Values

IAMGOOD is a service to the under construction… community, whose purpose is to facilitate the spread of knowledge, innovation and adventure.

We work towards this by creating an enjoyable internet magazine for everyone to share knowledge via news, articles, interviews, reviews and more.

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