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Maurice Roucel Musc Ravageur

Launched in 2000, this composition was a turning point in the history of amber orientals.

A sensual perfume, powerful yet perfectly controlled, dramatic and mysterious.
Composed by Maurice Roucel as an “act of seduction and generosity”, Musc Ravageur is an uncompromising Oriental, which runs against current fads.
Its explosive departure of bergamot, tangerine and cinnamon is set against a backdrop of vanilla, musk and amber.
A sexy, turbulent perfume, in a word: ravageur.

Words by

I agree totally with this description of Maurice Roucel's MUSC RAVAGEUR.
So i felt no need to try and formulate it any different. To me it is the most animalistic scent i can think of with a power to seduce and indeed create mistery. Very powerful.

In addition i have tried to capture this in an image i feel fitted…

Maurice Roucel MUSC RAVAGEUR Editions de Parfums:

For strong, powerful men.

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